The affairs of  Charliz Foundation is governed by a structured reporting system that allows for smooth day to day running. There is a four- man Board of Trustees whose focus is to give strategic direction to the organization, such strategic direction is informed by the perceived needs of the community Charliz Foundation serves as well as the welfare of the people of Nigeria. The operations of the Board of Trustees are guided by a documented constitution.

The Organization’s Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees. She facilitates the day to day implementation of the organizational policies as well and ensures Charliz Foundation achieves its set goals and objectives.

The Work of the Board of Trustees is augmented by the Advisory Committee which consist of representative of the local communities that Charliz Foundation serves. The Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity. They give Charliz Foundation feedback about the impact, interest and concerns about the organization’s programme. The committee also advises Charliz Foundation on how to design and implement its programmes within the community. The committee also interfaces with the community by mobilizing public support for Charliz Foundation and its programmes.

The functionality of the Executive Director is further enhanced through the establishment of a Management Board. The Management Board consists of the Executive Director, Finance & Administrative Manager, and Program Manager. The work of the management board is operationalized by program officers, accounts and administrative officers, and monitoring and evaluation officers. The activities and working ethics of the organization is defined within the Personnel Policy document.

The organization functions through two departments namely the programme, and the finance and administrative departments. The activities of each department are coordinated by the Programme Manager and Finance & Administrative Manager respectively. The Managers report to the Executive Director who coordinates the day to day running and function of the secretariat.


Charliz Foundation is committed to quality service delivery in the following area of interventions

  • Nutrition
  • Sexually Reproductive Health
  • Health services (including mental health)
  • Skills acquisitions
  • Advocacy, Human rights, and Policy support
  • Psychological Care,
  • Education for vulnerable children and women
  • Interventions for Key Populations

Support for gender-based violent individuals and internally displaced people.