Our Objectives

Charliz Foundation was specifically established to:

  1. reduce the incidence of diseases, maternal death and other public health problems affecting children, women, youths and other vulnerable groups in Nigeria;
  2. provide integrated care and support services for vulnerable children, women and men which are acceptable within the social context of the community in which they live;
  3. improve social and economic capability of women, youths and other vulnerable groups for their self-reliance and sustainable national development;
  4. promote good governance and justice administration on the matters affecting vulnerable children and women, key populations, gender-based violent individuals and internally displaced people in Nigeria;
  5. disseminate relevant knowledge and promote enlightenment and consciousness through regular lectures, seminars, symposia, and publications with the aim of achieving changes in attitude of the community towards giving support for the infected and affected;
  6. promote the spirit of love, unity and tolerance among all youths of Nigeria, living together as brothers and sisters irrespective of their religious, political, cultural, tribal and economic differences;
  7. establish collaboration and partnerships with governments, development agencies, civil society organizations, philanthropists and other relevant institutions to achieve the Foundation’s mission;
  8. publish and edit books, magazines, pamphlets which may help to fulfill the objectives of the Foundation

Our Values

  • Integrity is central in our service delivery with strong moral and ethical principles and values.
  • Passion driven by a commitment to make a positive difference.
  • Teamwork across disciplines and geographies, within the organization and with our partners.
  • Innovation to meet the evolving needs of our beneficiaries, funders and partners.
  • Mutual respect for diversity and cultural differences.
  • Accountability for our work, measuring, reporting and continually improving all that we do.
  • Commitment to excellence assured by the highest ethical, quality, operational performance and scientific standards.